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Meet the Prince George Humane Society: A Mighty Team Dedicated to Animal Welfare in Northern BC

At the Prince George Humane Society, we proudly served Northern BC since 2015 by offering essential animal rescue services and valuable humane education resources. Our mission is to promote better care, connection, and understanding among animals and the people who cherish them.

We extend our reach to outlying communities, often providing their sole access to vital animal welfare resources. As a registered charitable organization, our animal shelter relies on the generous support of our community. We remain steadfast in our always-on fundraising mission to secure the necessary funds, ensuring the most significant impact for the animals and individuals we assist every day.

Our Mission

Committed to Compassion: Providing Forever Homes and Community Support

At the heart of our commitment lies compassion. The Prince George Humane Society is dedicated to providing surrendered animals a safe haven where they can live, rest, and, when necessary, heal before embarking on their journeys to new foster or forever homes.

Our mission extends beyond sheltering animals. We've built a strong network of devoted animal foster families, diligently match adoptive families with our shelter residents, and tirelessly educate on animal welfare and address common behavioral challenges. We offer valuable volunteer opportunities, support individuals of all ages and our animal companions through in-person shelter tours, fundraising efforts, and community events. From birthday parties to humane education initiatives, we leave no stone unturned.

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  • Angela McLaren

    Angela McLaren

    Founder & Executive Director

  • Jamie Walsh

    Jamie Walsh

    Animal Care Coordinator

  • Kelsey MacWestaway

    Kelsey MacWestaway

    Animal Behaviour Coordinator


  • Rachel Cook

    Rachel Cook


  • Sue Bentley

    Sue Bentley

    Vice President

  • Ruth Ayers

    Ruth Ayers

    Board Member

Adoption Stories


Angus was a unicorn, a dog that embodied the magic of his breed in the most remarkable way. His gentle temperament and infectious charm captivated everyone who crossed his path. Angus's rescue was a monumental group effort involving Spirit's Mission, HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society,and the Prince George Humane Society. Every individual involved in his journey fell head over heels for this incredible dog and rallied together without hesitation to help him. Angus was eventually transferred to HugAbull Rescue Society, where he found a loving foster home with April Fahr, where he spent seven joyful months. Whenever they attended pet events, people would stop in their tracks, exclaiming, "Is that Angus?!? OMG, can I say hi??" And Angus, always eager for new friendships, would respond with a resounding "YES, PLEASE!!" His happiness was contagious, and he possessed an uncanny ability to connect with people. He never pushed himself onto anyone but would curl up beside those who showed interest, relishing in their touch and companionship. Passersby on walks would find it difficult to resist his charms, often stopping at bus stops just to spend a few moments with him. According to April she had encountered many dogs in her life, many of them friendly, but there was something extraordinary about the way Angus formed connections with people. Perhaps it was because he had experienced loneliness and neglect himself, and he wanted to ensure no one around him ever felt sad or alone. Food was his obsession, likely a result of coming from a neglectful situation where he was a whopping 25 pounds overweight. He adored toys but was wary of squeakers, finding them rather unsettling. April even considered keeping him herself for various reasons. Despite his incredible qualities, he didn't receive much adoption interest and she wanted nothing less than a "perfect" home for him. The bar was set high for his adoption, but when Malone Smith and Matt entered the picture, they shattered that bar. They recognized just how special Angus was, showering him with love and care. Malone even had him certified as a therapy dog, a role that suited him perfectly. Angus went on adventures and vacations with them, and he even had the privilege of hanging out at the local library where Malone worked. As challenging as rescue work can be at times, stories like Angus's are the ones that inspire us to keep going. Everyone had envisioned him growing old, with a head full of gray hair, and being spoiled rotten. If anyone deserved that kind of life, it was him, but cancer had a different plan. A year ago beloved Angus had sadly joined the rainbow bridge and he had taken him away from this world way to soon. Though our hearts ache with his loss, we find solace in knowing that Angus experienced an abundance of love, joy, and adventure during his time with Malone, Matt, and all the incredible people who cared for him. His memory will forever live on, a testament to the power of rescue and the extraordinary impact one dog can have on so many lives.


Alex & Remington

Alex found himself in the midst of a devastating accident involving a car which resulted in a injury to his leg which left him in desperate need of immediate medical attention. However, Alex courageously carried his injured leg for three long and arduous months, silently enduring his suffering until he was rescued. Despite rehabilitation efforts, it became evident that his leg could not be saved, and the difficult decision to amputate had to be made. During the surgery, unexpected complications arose, resulting in a significant loss of blood. In a desperate race against time, a distress call was made to a remarkable woman named Dani. Without hesitation, she dropped everything and hurriedly brought her own dog, Remi (since passed over the rainbow bridge), to the vet to donate blood in case a life-saving transfusion was needed. What makes this part of the story even more poignant is that Remi, the canine blood donor, had previously undergone a front leg amputation himself. With the selfless act of Remi's blood donation, Alex's strength was replenished, and he embarked on a journey of recovery and hope. As he regained his health and adapted to life as a tripod, the time came for him to find a forever home where he would be loved unconditionally. Fate smiled upon Alex, guiding him to a family that was destined to be his own. Remarkably, this family already had another three-legged dog as a cherished member of their household. It was a match made in heaven, a family united by their understanding of the challenges and joys that come with life on three legs. In his new and happy home, Alex embraced the life he deserved, filled with boundless love, playfulness, and the companionship of his canine sibling. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the unlikely bonds forged through shared experiences and the capacity of animals to help heal one another.

Alex & Remington

Lola Bear

Prepare yourselves for an animal rescue tale that will touch your hearts and reaffirm the incredible resilience of a animals will to survive. This is the extraordinary story of Lola Bear, a little warrior who faced unimaginable challenges and found her way to a life filled with love and joy. Lola Bear's journey began with one of the roughest starts we've ever encountered. At the time a compassionate driver made a fateful stop at a rest stop along the highway. As he made his way back to his truck, a faint mewing caught his attention. Curiosity led him to discover a closed box hidden behind one of the outhouses. Inside that box were two precious kittens, fighting against the bitter cold. Sadly, one of the kittens had already succumbed to the harsh conditions, but the remaining little grey girl, Lola Bear, showed an unwavering determination to survive. Without hesitation, the driver scooped her up, cradled her in his truck, and rushed her to our shelter. Our hearts shattered upon learning Lola Bear's tragic past and still Lola Bear's fighting spirit remained unbroken, and we vowed to do everything in our power to provide her with a brighter future. While in our her once fragile and delicate frame transformed into that of a happy and thriving kitten. Lola Bear's fighting spirit and unwavering resilience were nothing short of extraordinary. As fate would have it, one of our dedicated volunteers had formed an unbreakable bond with Lola Bear during her journey of recovery. Their connection grew stronger with each passing day, and it was clear that Lola Bear had found her forever home.

Lola Bear


Rupert's rescue story wasn't like all the others, as it didn't have a happiest of ending we had hoped for. However, it was a touching tale of love and empathy that made his final days unforgettable. Upon arrival, Rupert, an elderly cat , was in a terrible state. Regrettably, it took several weeks for anyone to realize that Rupert, the cat, was also present after his owners passed away. He had been suffering from ear infections for so long that his ears had become folded with scar tissue, making it impossible for his doctor to see inside them. Additionally, Rupert had severe arthritis in his hind legs that made walking difficult. Despite all this, Rupert remained positive and grateful for every day of life. Determined to give Rupert the best possible end-of-life experience we decided to provide him with the medical attention he needed. They treated his ear infections and prescribed medication to alleviate his arthritis pain, knowing that Rupert would live out the rest of his days under our care. Rupert was placed in a foster hospice where he was pampered and spoiled during his final days, experiencing nothing but comfort and affection by his foster mom. We are grateful to have been able to give him the love and care he deserved in his final days, and we know that he felt that love deeply. Rupert's story is a reminder of the importance of rescue work and of giving every animal, no matter their age or condition, the chance to live their best life.



Major - he was our hunkiest, drooliest, and most expensive (thousands but who's counting because it was worth it!) pup we've ever had the pleasure of rescuing. Major was surrendered to the Prince George Humane Society after he injured his leg and could no longer put weight on it. After being examined by a veterinarian, it was discovered that he had a torn ACL and needed a TPLO surgery to fix it. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Major's access to the surgery was delayed. The veterinary hospital was only performing emergency surgeries, and Major's condition wasn't considered an emergency, so he had to wait for several months until he could finally have the surgery that he desperately needed. It breaks our heart to think about how much pain and discomfort Major had to endure during those long months, yet he still wagged his nubber of a tail and still wiggled with happiness. We are grateful that he got the care that he needed and deserves. And we were even more grateful for the amazing people who rallied around him and made this surgery possible.


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