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Themed Adoption Rooms

The Bedroom style rooms create a homely environment for the animals in our shelter, it's a private and personal hide away from the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment. Adoptable dogs and cats who have trouble dealing with the stresses of kennel life have the chance to relax in the bedroom style rooms. The bedroom style housing also allows us the ability to provide all animals in our care with the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.

Ospika Pet & Farm Supplies, a locally owner store in town, are proud sponsors of the Prince George Humane Society. They were thrilled to get involved with doing renovations themselves in this room. It is the purrfect space for your child to come read to a fur friend while enjoying those super fun cow ottomans!

Ospika Pet & Farm Room
Ospika Sponsor Theme Room.jpg

Dr.Greenberg is one of our proud sponsors. Cassie's Corner is dedicated to the pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. This is to honor all of the fur babies that have made such significant difference in our lives. 

Rainbow Room
Cloud Theme Room.jpg

Pooch-A-Palooza is our educational vet tech room. This is one of our most interactive adoption rooms for your child to read in. This room allows children the opportunity to learn the importance of veterinary care to animals. 

Veterinary Technician Room
Vet Tech Theme Room.jpg

Terryln Smetantuk of Alibis Show Lounge is another one of our proud sponsors. The Outer space room allows our visitors to enter into a new realm away from the hustle-bustle of daily life. Learning about the solar system can allow everyone to gain a greater appreciation of our planet and knowing how you can keep the planet safe and healthy for their generations to come.

Outer space Room
Space Theme Room.jpg

Camp Dogwood is another one of our interactive adoption rooms. This room is designed for children to let their creativity soar. Your child has the option to read or color with a fur friend.  

Creative Art Room
Art Theme Room.jpg
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