Keeping Pets and People Together

We are very proud to announce the Keeping Pets and People Together Program, in which we will work alongside the community to assist in reducing the number of animals surrendered to shelters. Our goal is to help members of our community address behavioural issues in the home through outreach and education to prevent the need to surrender pets to shelters.

We would like to introduce Kelsey MacNeil, who will be developing this program and providing behavioral support to the PGHS community.

Kelsey is a Certified Feline Behavior Consultant and Registered Veterinary Technologist. After working in veterinary medicine, she found that cats and their behavior are rarely understood by those who love them. This lack of understanding leads to the breakdown of the human-animal bond, frustration and often leads to the surrender of much loved pets.

Kelsey plans to share her knowledge of feline behaviour to help owners and their cats develop strong, compassionate bonds. By understanding the motivations behind a cat's behaviour we can solve the problems many owners face and struggle to deal with. From managing inappropriate urination to anxiety, Kelsey can provide advice to our adopters and fosters. She is also very comfortable with dog behavior and training, using positive reinforcement and science-based methods. She will be able to assist our patrons with socialization, training and managing problem behaviors.

At this time we are able to assist those considering surrendering their pet, as well as any animals who have been adopted from PGHS in the past. We hope to be able to expand this program to help even more animals in the future.  

For more information about the program please email