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Fostering animals is a rewarding and enjoyable experience! By temporarily taking an animal into your home, you can make a huge difference in their life, and ultimately help them find furrever homes. Please review the descriptions below to determine if fostering is right for you.

If you have any questions pertaining our Foster Application, please email us at

Benefits for the Animal

Foster parents play a vital role by taking animals into their homes, providing basic care that includes exercise, food, grooming, and love, as well as special care such as medications, vet visits, socializing, or training. By providing a quiet, relaxed home environment for an animal, a foster home allows an animal’s true personality to shine through and ultimately makes the animal more adoptable. Foster homes can be ideal places for young animals not ready for adoption, such as puppies and kittens. As well, a foster home can provide a quiet place for an animal to recover from surgery or to have a litter and raise their babies in a stress-free environment.

Benefits for You

Fostering can provide a life-changing experience for you and your family. Often foster animals experienced trauma or hardship before coming into our care. Fostering gives you the opportunity to provide a safe haven and a place of recovery for the foster animal. By fostering you will be able to provide the foster animals with a safe living environment that will give them the chance to work through difficulties and give them the best chance of a successful adoption. Helping during this trying and transitional period in their lives can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for the foster parents involved.

Important Information When Fostering

  • If you’re considering adopting, you can “try” an animal in the home to see if your family is ready for the full-time commitment.

  • You will have the joy of watching an animal play, grow, and flourish in your care.

  • You will teach your children responsibility and care for an animal.

  • Flexibility. For example, if you are going away for a while you can take a fostering break and restart when you return.

  • You would be directly involved in saving a life!

How to Become a Foster Parent

While fostered, the animal remains under the guardianship of Prince George Humane Society. As such, we will provide food, dishes, litter, toys, other supplies, and veterinary care. We will also provide the necessary advice and guidance. You provide love and friendship! If we do not have a suitable animal in need, we will keep your application on file and will contact you when one becomes available.

  • Fill in the foster application form below and submit.

  • Discuss the position with the Foster coordinator who will be in contact.

  • Arrange a home check.

  • Be contacted about fostering when there is an animal in need.

  • Foster the animal until they are ready to be adopted.

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