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Can we come and visit the animals?

As a result of the pandemic, the way in which we operate and allow visitors to our location has changed and is subject to continue to, depending on the instruction from the province of BC. Please contact us if you would like to drop off donations, have applied to meet one of the animals in our care, or would like to become a volunteer with us. 

How much does it cost to adopt an animal from you?

When you adopt an animal from us, the fee includes the following: Vet exam, First vaccine (if needed), parasite treatment, spay or neuter surgery, and a form of permanent ID such as a microchip or a tattoo. If there are any health issues noted at the exam, we work with the veterinarian to ensure the animal is brought to a healthy state or is properly managed by medication, etc prior to becoming available for adoption. Full disclosure of any medical or behavioural issues to a potential adopter is very important to us, for the success of the animal and the family. 

The fees are as follows: 

Adult cat: $225

Kitten under 6 months: $250

Adult dog: $400

Puppy under 6 months: $450

What type of donations do you accept?

Please visit to see our wish list. 

Are there employment opportunities?

The pandemic has resulted in unprecedented times and unchartered territory for all nonprofit organizations that are 100% donor-funded. At this time, the society is not hiring full-time employees, but on occasion, part-time or casual paid opportunities may arise. 

If you see a job posting and feel you are the right person for the job, please apply! 

Do you facilitate long distance adoptions?

We always try to match adoptable animals with the most suitable homes and while geography can be trickier when it comes to adoptions we will consider homes from outside our immediate area, depending on the specific animal and whether you can come and meet them prior to committing to adoption. We will never facilitate adoption without a meet and greet first. 

What does the adoption process look like?

Prior to meeting a specific animal you may be interested in, we prefer people to submit an application so that we can have a snapshot of what your home/family life and your lifestyle looks like. The reason we ask this is so that we can ensure the best possible fit for every animal we adopt out. Once an application is reviewed, we will contact you with any further queries we may have, and if approved we can set up a time for you to meet and spend some time getting to know the animal. We may ask you to bring current pets you already have so that we can also allow the resident animals to explore the idea of another pet coming into their home. If after the meet and greet the adoption coordinator and you (and the animal!) think it is a good fit, we can move forward with the process of transitioning the animal into your home.

Due to the pandemic, our home visit process has changed significantly. The adoption coordinator may request video or photos of your home, and depending on the animal, may ask to visit your home to ensure that you have a secure fence. We will not enter your house unless both parties are comfortable with it, 

If the animal is already spayed/neutered we can finalize the adoption immediately. You will provide the adoption fee to us and we will provide the 1st vaccine, sterilization surgery, and permanent ID information to you. If the animal is not yet spayed/neutered you can still take the animal to join your family but a deposit of half of the adoption fee is paid at the time. We will provide you a surgery date for the animal, and once the surgery is completed then we finalize the adoption with you. 

I cannot donate money but I would still like to help, what are other ways of contributing?

Become a volunteer or a foster parent with us. You can find applications through the following links.

Is fostering an animal the same as a trial adoption?

When the Prince George Humane Society began in 2015 we were solely foster home-based and relied on people opening their homes to foster animals for an indeterminate amount of time-usually until an animal was adopted. 

Now that we have a facility to house animals, foster opportunities are generally reserved for more specific instances such as mother and litter of babies, animals recovering from injury or awaiting medical treatments, and for behavior modification and increasing adaptability. 

Once an animal is ready for adoption, we try to ensure our screening and matching process is thorough enough that a finalized adoption is a success without the need for a trial adoption.


Of course, there are situations when circumstances warrant otherwise (adopted animal requires spay/neuter surgery and is in the adoptive home until the surgery is performed, then adoption finalized) but we generally utilize foster homes for temporary homes to help the animal with what it needs until it can be advertised as available for adoption. 

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