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You have questions? Thankfully, we have answers for you!

If our FAQ doesn't answer your question, please contact us through our facebook page or email us at

Can we come and visit the animals?

Yes! We have now returned to regular hours and visitation. You may visit us at 1839 1st Ave, Unit 11, Prince George, BC. We are open 11am-5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Do you facilitate long distance adoptions?

We always try to match adoptable animals with the most suitable homes and while geography can be trickier when it comes to adoptions we will consider homes from outside our immediate area, depending on the specific animal and whether you can come and meet them prior to committing to adoption. In certain circumstances, such as required ongoing training, animals will be placed locally to allow us to be able to support that animal and adopter long term.

How is the Prince George Humane Society different from the BC SPCA?

The BC SPCA can only legally enforce provisions outlined in animal cruelty legislation, such as the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Animal Cruelty sections of the Criminal Code of Canada. The BCSPCA is contracted to provide Municipal Animal Control Services and is permitted, as an agent of the Municipality, to accept stray animals on behalf of the Municipality.

Although we share a similar mission the Prince George Humane Society does not have any rights to enforcement of legislation or municipal bylaws. In cases where animal cruelty is reported, we will work closely with the RCMP or refer the matter to the BCSPCA for investigation.

How much does it cost to adopt an animal from you?

When you adopt an animal from us, the fee includes the following: Vet exam, First vaccine (if needed), parasite treatment, spay or neuter surgery, and a form of permanent ID such as a microchip or a tattoo. If there are any health issues noted at the exam, we work with the veterinarian to ensure the animal is brought to a healthy state or is properly managed by medication, etc prior to becoming available for adoption. Full disclosure of any medical or behavioural issues to a potential adopter is very important to us, for the success of the animal and the family. 

The fees are as follows: 

Adult cat: $300 includes 1st Vaccine 

Kitten under 6 months: $350 includes 1st Vaccine

Adult dog: $500 includes 1st Vaccine 

Puppy under 6 months: $600 includes 1st Vaccine 

I cannot donate money but I would still like to help, what are other ways of contributing?

Become a volunteer or a foster parent with us. You can find applications through the following links.

Does the Prince George Humane Society accept stray animals?

The Municipal Act is a piece of provincial legislation which mandates municipalities to provide services within their local boundaries. These services encompass Animal Control and By-law Enforcement. Stray animals fall under the authority of the municipality.


Many Municipalities enact animal control by-laws, including pet licensing. The intent is to protect people from animals, to provide for safe, clean communities and to have a system where lost pets can be recovered by their owners. Stray animals in a community fall under the jurisdiction of the Municipality.

The BCSPCA is contracted to provide Municipal Animal Control Services and is permitted, as an agent of the Municipality, to accept stray animals on behalf of the Municipality. In the case of this municipality, the Prince George Humane Society does not provide Animal Control Services, it is not within the legal authority for us to accept stray animals. There are very important reasons why we follow this protocol and why we encourage communities and individuals to follow the appropriate channels when managing stray animals.

How and where does the Prince George Humane Society get the funds to operate?

The Prince George Humane Society is a Charitable Organization that relies on the generosity of its supporters, including individuals, associations and corporations. We currently do not receive any government funding. Donations can be made at our location or through our website  We are able to provide tax receipts for donations received.

Why can't I visit dogs when I come to the shelter? 

As a shelter, we are set up to house cats in a feline friendly environment that meets their social and behavioural needs. We unfortunately don't have the space to house dogs in this same manner, therefore all of our dogs are kept in foster homes. Foster homes help us to get to know our canine intakes in a way that gives them optimal care and welfare and helps us to make the best decisions about finding each dog their perfect home once we've gotten to know them. 

Does the Prince George Humane Society accept owner surrenders?

The Prince George Humane Society does accept owner-surrendered animals with a nominal surrender fee that covers a small portion of the animal's care while in our care. If you're considering surrendering your pet because you feel unable to deal with their behaviour, we encourage you to seek advice and training to work with behaviour problems before making a final decision. Most behaviour problems arise due to miscommunication between the owner and the pet (for example, pushing or yelling at a dog for jumping up only encourages more jumping), or when a certain need of the pet is not being met (inadequate exercise can lead to hyperactive and destructive dogs).

We provide this service for NO CHARGE through our Keeping Pets and People Together program. We employ feline and canine behaviour specialists to consult with owners struggling with pet behaviour, who are considering rehoming. If you are in need of help with a specific behaviour problem and are considering surrendering your pet because of it, please reach out to us for help. 

Veterinarians may also provide helpful advice or refer you to someone specializing in animal behaviour in your area. Seek out "positive" trainers that will teach you how to motivate your dog to do the behaviours you'd like in a "positive" manner that enhances your relationship with your pet and builds trust. Avoid trainers who advocate the use of force, yelling, threats, punishment and violence. With a little patience and effort, many behaviour problems can be resolved, and you can be rewarded with a well-behaved animal and years of love and companionship

What does the adoption process look like?

Prior to meeting a specific animal you may be interested in, we prefer people to submit an application so that we can have a snapshot of what your home/family life and your lifestyle looks like. The reason we ask this is so that we can ensure the best possible fit for every animal we adopt out. Once an application is reviewed, we will contact you with any further queries we may have, and if approved we can set up a time for you to meet and spend some time getting to know the animal. We may ask you to bring current pets you already have so that we can also allow the resident animals to explore the idea of another pet coming into their home. If after the meet and greet the adoption coordinator and you (and the animal!) think it is a good fit, we can move forward with the process of transitioning the animal into your home.

Due to the pandemic, our home visit process has changed significantly. The adoption coordinator may request video or photos of your home, and depending on the animal, may ask to visit your home to ensure that you have a secure fence. We will not enter your house unless both parties are comfortable with it, and don't worry, are not interested in how large, small, tidy or messy your home is. Making a great human/animal match is our priority and understand that being a great pet owner has nothing to do with your home or economic status. 

If the animal is already Spayed/Neutered we can finalize the adoption immediately. You will provide the adoption fee to us and we will provide the 1st vaccine, deworming, sterilization surgery, and permanent ID information to you. If the animal is not yet spayed/neutered you can still take the animal to join your family. The adoption fee will be paid at the time of the adoption and we will arrange their upcoming surgical appointment and provide you with a surgery date.

What type of donations do you accept?

Please visit to see our wish list. 

Are there employment opportunities?

On occasion, part-time or casual paid opportunities may arise. 

If you see a job posting and feel you are the right person for the job, please apply! 

What are the PGHS Spay and Neuter Protocols?

Animals adopted through our organization must be spayed or neutered. For more details about how we have developed our spay and neuter protocols, as well as the ages we recommend de-sexing, click the link below. 

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