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There are lots of animals in need of a furrever home at the Prince George Humane Society. Adopting an animal is an important, long term commitment. We hope that we can find your forever friend!



If you have completed an application and have not heard back from us, please feel free to call us or come down to the shelter during our operating hours to view the adoptable cats and kittens.


Dogs are not held at the shelter so please call us if you would like to meet the dogs available for adoption. 

Browse through our online database to find your next best friend!


When you decide to adopt with the Prince George Humane Society our commitment is to find the animal that best matches your personality, lifestyle and experience.  We know that every animal and every home is unique. Therefore, we strive to match families with the right animal.  We want your adoption to succeed, not just for a day, but for a lifetime! 

Take a look for your future family member and if your interesting in adopting one of or furry friends please come down to the Prince George Humane Society Adoption and Humane Education Center and complete an Adoption application.​

The Process of Adopting

If you're interested in adopting one of our furry friends, please come down to the Adoption and Humane Education Center and complete an adoption application. If you wish to meet a particular animal, please contact us prior to visiting the center to make sure they are at the location.


An Adoption Coordinator will review applications in the order they are received. This does not mean that you will automatically get the animal because you were first. Our goal is to find the most suitable home for every animal in our care based on breed, age, size, temperament, and also applicant’s lifestyle, home environment, sometimes breed experience, and overall suitability.


Once a suitable application is approved and references are checked an Adoption Coordinator will call you to discuss the animal. We appreciate your patience during this process as it may sometimes be a lengthy process. If you have submitted an application and have not heard from us, this does not mean you are not approved for adoption, it may just mean a more suitable application is being processed for the particular animal you are interested in.


Once a phone conversation is complete, a home visit can be scheduled. Often the Coordinator will bring the animal with them for the family and other pets to meet. We request that all family members and other pets are present during this meeting.


We are not trying to be invasive during a home visit, but it is extremely important to us to see where the animal may possibly live, and how both the human family members and other animals will interact.


If a match is made during a home visit, and dependent on medical status, sometimes we can go ahead and finalize the adoption at that time. All animals that leave our care are vet checked, have 1st vaccine, have been dewormed, are spayed or neutered, and have some form of permanent ID, either a microchip or tattoo.


At time of the adoption, an Adoption Agreement is signed, the adoption fee is paid, and all medical paperwork along with ID information is transferred to the new owner. 

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