Training Classes

Dog Walk

We aim to ensure all pet owners have access to animal behaviour resources and training opportunities. 

Training is an excellent way to not only improve your dogs behaviour but also to bond with your dog and build the foundations of a successful relationship. Training classes are fun for new and experienced owners alike and offers the chance for your dog to explore, learn and engage with you in a fun, new way. 

Our classes are taught by certified dog trainers with accreditations in science based training methods. 

Puppy Preschool

This class is designed to socialize puppies 8-16 weeks of age. 

Early socialization is essential for helping your puppy grow into a confident, happy adult dog. Puppies who are not well socialized may develop a fear of new people, places, items and experiences. 

This class is on a 4 week rotation and each week offers different socialization challenges. We encourage puppies to explore potentially frightening objects while engaging inappropriate play with other dogs their age. The class is unstructured and allows for open discussion with the trainer regarding all things puppy.  

Classes run from 6-8pm Thursday evenings and we encourage dropping in for 30-45 minutes within that time frame. 


Each class is $10 with %50 off for puppies adopted from ANY local rescue organization. 

Up-to-date vaccines are required based on your puppies age. Puppies who are not fully vaccinated (under 16 weeks) are welcome but must be within 4 weeks of their most recent vaccine.

Any updates or cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page. 


Beginner Obedience